Seismic data processing and interpretation

Enterprise LTD provides a wide variety of processing and interpretation services of seismic data. The company has all the necessary technical and intellectual resources to perform this type of geophysical services according to the highest international standards accepted in oil and gas industries.

The specialists of the Company actively participated in the processing of 3D seismic survey data from the very beginning of its widespread use in Ukraine, which allowed accumulating unique experience in this industry.

Processing of seismic data is performed according to the specific geological structure of the studied field according to the all distorting factors and using modern procedures and techniques. Interpretation is performed according to a scheme that provides multilateral study of seismic data in combination with other geological and geophysical materials to solve the geological problems.

Seismic data processing and the following comprehensive interpretation are fulfilled by using the latest software developments of the Company Paradigm Geophysical Corp.