Seismic acquisition

Throughout the world, seismic survey occupies a leading position among geophysical methods which are used for oil and gas fields prospecting.

Seismic survey is a geophysical method for studying the earth’s crust, based on the study of qualitative and quantitative laws of the process of spreading of seismic waves generated by explosive and non-explosive sources. In the interaction of these waves with geological heterogeneities and boundaries, secondary waves of various physical nature (reflected, refracted, diffracted, etc.) arise, which are recorded on the surface of the earth and which are the main source of information about the geometrical parameters and physical properties of the studied geological environment.

Our company has equipment, software, qualified personnel and sufficient amount of technical and material resources to carry out all stages of seismic survey from designing to seismic data processing and interpretation.

Enterprise LTD specializes in 2D / 3D seismic acquisition using explosive and vibration sources for seismic signal initiation. The company’s specialists have developed an innovative method for drilling boreholes in mountainous areas with difficult rocky cuts. The Company has experience to carry out the works in hard – to-reach areas by using helicopter technology.

Leading specialists of the company have successful experience in conducting the works in the CIS countries and other countries of the world.

HSE (Health, Safety and the Environment) standards are the company’s constant priorities.